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Join Dumpy & Bumpy in a puzzle adventure
bursting with 80 charming but challenging levels to bite,
blow up, and push through. Dive in as Dumpy, or bring on
a bestie as Bumpy, to crack each level’s code and crush
the evil Ghostlord. Be sure to make haste though, or the
Ghost minions will make a waste...of you!


Venture across 8 colorful worlds,
each with 10 puzzling levels for you to solve


Experience a clever take on Japanese retro-classic puzzle games.
Throw and bite blocks, dodge past danger, blow up bombs,
breathe fire, teleport, or even golf!


Work as a team in 2P mode, or mess with each other, to
master gimmicks and clear stages…


Or duke it out in a separate VS battle mode!


Replay levels to improve your high score or beat the
Pro time



Release date Nov 26, 2020
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(32 total ratings)
AuthorsProgramancer, Retroware
Made withGameMaker
Tagsblocks, Colorful, Co-op, Dinosaurs, Local multiplayer, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Pixel Art, Versus
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Really cute :3 
bought it in the ukraine bundle :3 


if i bought this in a bundle, am i able to play mutliplayer?

i cant seem to get coop

Sorry for the delay! You’re able to play co-op as long as you have at least one xinput controller (Xbox controllers), or use a PS4 controller with ds4windows. 

To toggle co-op, you can press start on P2’s controller at any time and press right on the dpad to assign them to player 2. Alternatively, if you press start on the overworld, you’ll see an option to assign input by pressing left/right- pressing right will assign it to p2. 

There’s an update on the way to allow more input devices, and some QOL improvements for adding a 2nd player


Very fun game :) it would mean alot if you could also have an x86 version, but if you can't don't worry I am glad to support your works <3

I can't get a controller to work for this game.

As long as you’re using an xinput controller (Xbox 360/One/Series) the game will recognize your controller. There’s an option in the menu to prioritize controller over keyboard, which will make the game auto assign a connected controller to player 1. If you don’t have this toggled, you can press start any time with a connected controller, and a prompt will appear allowing you to press left to assign to player 1, or right for player 2.

If your controller is not an xinput device, there are a number of third party programs that will read any controller as an xinput device


That would explain my problem. I was trying to use a ps4 controller.


Great game! We've played the first two worlds so far. Airplane turned our brains into puddles :) 🧠🌊

Some of those puzzles definitely make the brain overheat! I'm glad you're enjoying it~~


Like this game a lot. Very charming and fun. I'm adding it to my growing list of puzzle games to play again someday. It's joining the pantheon of such classics as Adventures of Lolo and Catrap.

I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it~~ thanks for checking it out

Could not get past the "Press any key" screen.  Finally tried my controller and that worked.  The game does not respond to my keyboard at all, and there was no way to exit the game until I was up to a certain point, then I could get to the home screen.

Unsure why that'd be unless there was a controller connected, as I'm not using anything out of the ordinary to read keyboard inputs (just Game Maker Studio's built in keyboard_check functions); I've never heard of that being an issue before- going by your username, are you using Wine or anything along those lines?

OK so it ignores the keyboard if the controller is connected.  Got it.  Thanks

In the main menu there’s a toggle for prioritizing controller/keyboard to turn that off, allowing keyboard to be preassigned for P1 regardless of a controller being connected on start up as well if that’s preferred 

I can't figure out how to get into 2-player mode at all anywhere in the game. Does it have to be unlocked by a certain number of single-player worlds first?

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No requirement on beating a certain number of levels or anything- as long as you have a controller connected you can add a 2nd player from anywhere in the game (though if you’re mid-puzzle player 2 will not appear until you restart the puzzle). If you have p1 assigned to a controller or keyboard, if you connect another controller and open the overworld menu you can add one there (it’ll show all controllers connected and let you assign with left/right), or you can press select on the xinput controller you’d like to assign and press right to assign it to player 2

That's the weird thing, though; I had a gamepad connected and P1 was assigned to the keyboard and there was no evidence of P2 existing nor being able to control it. I guess I'll try a disconnect and reconnect later.

Did you press the select button on the unassigned controller and press right on it to assign it to P2? As long as the gamepad is an xinput device (0-3 gamepad ID range) the game will sniff for inputs to assign it from either the overworld menu or from the little widget that pops up if you press select on the controller

I haven't been able to get the game to recognize my controller so far (it's a generic one that registers as an Xbox One controller). Is there anything I can try?


Some 3rd party controllers can be odd- if you have it plugged in, on the main menu press select on the controller and see if it brings up the controller assignment prompt- as long as the controller registers under the xinput range, it should pop up, and then you just press left to assign it to player 1

(1 edit)

I was using it over bluetooth, but the game doesn't recognize it in wired mode either sadly (Steam sees it as a PS3 controller in wired mode).

Thanks for the quick reply!

Ah that would explain it! You might be able to use DS4Windows to fool it into thinking it’s in the Xinput range

(1 edit) (+1)

Is there any reason wireless controllers shouldn't work? I normally connect it in Xbox mode (it can pretend to be all three).

Edit: I figured out how to change modes while wired and it does work now. I'll post an update if I get wireless working.


None that I can think of- as long as they're xinput they should register in the first 4 controller ID slots that the game sniffs for devices on (0-3, reserved for xinput)


Hi first of all I wanted to say that the game is absolutely LOVELY, the sprite work, music and sound effects really stand out. 
I also found the game genuinely fun the 5 minutes I had the chance to play it, with good puzzlers of old vibes into it.

That said I'm facing an issue: being the dumbass I am I accidentally remapped all the game keys to a single button making it impossible to further progress through the game.

Where is the game progress located? I assume there must be some game preferences file somewhere, but I couldn't find any in AppData/Local (I'm on windows).

Thank you in advance!


Thank you for your kind words!

I have a hard coded key to reset all button mapping- if you hit F1 at any point it will restore key/button defaults- otherwise, if you go to %localappdata%/dumpyandbumpy/ your save is located there


Thanks for the quick answer!


I like the way new elements are introduced across the worlds, and how the world map allows me to try a different puzzle if I'm getting stuck on one in particular. Great presentation throughout!


Thank you~! I'm glad you're enjoying it!


Norton detects this game as false positive.

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This is common with Game Maker Studio games- it's all about code-signing and not getting certificates for every release.



Wow, when I saw the trailer I immediately Ctrl+F for "Programancer", most excellent bro, would love to see updates on the fediverse. Cheers :)


I purchased Dumpy & Bumpy on Itch at the beginning of the year. Can't believe that you agreed to have your game delisted here. DRM-Free version of indie games should remain!!!

Had some things to work out first, but it's back up here on Itch~


The game look's funny, if me and my sister like the demo i gonna buy the steam game


Reminds me of Goof Troop