New Demo!

I've released a new demo! 

This demo has the same area quest as the Patreon demo I released last year, however it also has a lot of the improvements I've made since then, along with a remade 1st mansion,  new boss, and a bunch of other hidden things!

I've released this demo because the timing seemed right, and also I want to raise awareness for my funding goal mentioned in the last devlog post!

There may be some bugs/oddities- I crunched a lot over the past couple of days to get this demo ready,  and that usually requires a lot of changes to the normal flow! 

Known bugs (that have been fixed in my source since and do not need to be reported, but they exist in the demo):

  • Occasionally, you can make Simon teleport between stairsets in the B path of the mansion's last room
  • The demo does not save the last Utility item slot (potion)
  • The demo does not save your options settings, so when you choose to "quit game" from the menu, it will revert back to default settings
  • You can “wrong warp” out of certain seams. You’ll know if you do it, but you kind of have to try to make it happen.
  • Jumping toward a door from inside of a room can cause your only action to be to leave the room, even if you hold the opposite direction
  • Not a bug, but behavior has been changed with the Cruciger Globus flames going under platforms instead of seeking the top.
  • Also not a bug, but rather an oversight- staying in a textbox or the pause menu too long will reset the game. A relic from showing the game at conventions while in demo mode (which the Bram Demo is in)

Make sure to check the README file before playing~



*NEW* (DEMO 3) The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest 2021 Bram Area Demo 70 MB
Jan 28, 2021

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I've sent this demo to so many of my friends.

They are excited for the end product.

Please make other main weapons.  I wanna go hand to hand ala Maria from Saturn SOTN.  Getting some speed boots, also in Saturn SOTN, and then doing a running jump kick through two skeletons or zombies crossing paths on the same platform would be AWESOME!

Please make the slide like SOTN whereby holding the second down+jump goes through the enemies, and tapping the second down+jump instead hits and causes the backward somersault animation. 

The whipping to cause falling columns were GREAT ! ! !  I loved hitting the falling skulls from the skeletons. The wall cling and slide down was so cool.

Konami ain't got shit on you.  I hope there is a demon like boss in an underground area cause you nailed that wet dark drippy atmosphere so well.

Anywhere we can buy the ost?  Bandcamp?

A must play demo. The full game cannot come fast enough. It's main inspiration is on it's sleeve, but it already feels like it is becoming it's own being.  The slide alone is a fun new mechanic. HIGH HOPES for the full game now.