Small Bugfixes

This is going to be a running list of post-jam bugfixes and minor changes.


  • Fixed a bug where the game may occasionally crash when breaking a crate you're hanging on
  • Fixed an issue where mapping buttons didn't load with the other options
  • You can now map the hang button to any button. By default it's the Jump button (as intended), however you have the option to map it to whatever you want


  • Fixed some menu issues- notably that Fullscreen wouldn't toggle with keyboard unless keyboard is your input device (by default Keyboard is meant to work in menus regardless of it being your input device or not)
  • Exiting the menus no longer causes the title screen to reinitialize, and instead brings you to the title screen in an appeared state. The reason for this is that the -PRESS START- prompt sets your input device, so setting one in the options menu was pointless. It is now no longer pointless.

No normal jam content has been updated/changed, and whatever else I'm working on in the project is in the Sewers level on the level select (blocked off by caution tape; big test room)


Prison City 30 MB
Jul 11, 2022

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