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Thank you for viewing the Spooky NES Style Horror Game Asset Pack #1! This pack contains everything you need to get started on making a scary NES style horror platformer! Most tiles are standard NES tile sizes- 16x16, with some that are 8x8.

$1 Non-Commercial License
$25 Commercial License (that's stupid cheap!)

This pack has been updated from its original upload with more and updated sprites, and additional polish. The updated pack is Spooky NES Style Asset Pack #1 REDUX, however the old pack is still included.

This pack has the following sprites (in order of frames):

-Stan Helsing (StanHelsing 32x32.png):
--Kneel Attack f1
--Kneel Attack f2
--Kneel Attack f3
--Walk f1
--Walk f2/f4
--Walk f3
--Attack f1
--Attack f2
--Attack f3
--Stair Climb Up f1
--Stair Climb Up/Down f2
--Stair Climb Down f1
--Stair Attack Up f1
--Stair Attack Up f2
--Stair Attack Up f3
--Stair Attack Down f1
--Stair Attack Down f2
--Stair Attack Down f3
--Dead (16x32 variant)
--Dead (StanHelsingDead 16x40.png)
--Whip (Whip 96x32.png - sized to match standing attack)

--Axe Subweapon (Axe 16x16.png)
--Boomerang (Boomerang 16x16.png)
--Knife (Knife 16x16.png)
--Holy Water (Holywater 16x16.png)

--Meat (Meat 16x16png)
--Heart (Heart 9x9.png)
--Coin (Coin 6x6.png)
--Money Bag (Moneybag 16x16.png)

--Bat (Bat 16x16.png)
--Skeleton (Skeleton 32x32.png)
--Skeleton Attack Projectile (BoneSpin 16x16.png)
--Ghost (Ghost 16x16.png)
--Goblin (Goblin 16x16.png)

-Hud (HUD.png)
-Tiles (Tiles.png)
-Torch (Torch 16x16.png)
-Clouds (Clouds.png)

--Enemy Hit (Hit 16x16.png)
--Break Fire (BreakFire 16x16.png)

This set is designed to help get you started on making your own game and is intended to be expanded by the end-user.

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Tagsassets, castlevania, Horror, konami, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Sprites, tiles


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Little side note for anyone getting these graphics and wanting to use the whip. The right edge has an extra 64 pixels on it, so it won't be 96x32 per frame. You can select the first 192 pixels (width) and crop it out and it should fix that issue!

Other than that, great set of assets!