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The game looks and plays great. Love the music.

Firstly Thanks for creating this ! Game looks and plays very good !

Loved your waterfall animations and use of color ! You must love the old Castlevania games a lot,as they all had this passage down to the severs in the first level and then up again. Awesome ! Searched the walls but so far no secrets.

Some feedback you might like to consider 

- Would love if you implement some Scanlines and bloom effects . Would make the retro feel complete. 

- I feel the music should be more catchy and powerful. Not sure you understand what I mean. I always loved the tunes in those old Konami games. Each games first stage had the Heroes main tune that followed into the next game. Bloody Tears, Simons Theme , Vampire Killer. All those tunes were really powerful and melodic. I am missing this here.

Besides that, its a great wip you got here. Keep up the good work !


Hey there! Thanks for checking out! 

There are a few walls with secrets~ One has an alternate boss in the Mansion~

Filters aren't really on the forefront of priorities at the moment since I'm still only about 15%-20% through development, however they'll probably make an appearance when I'm closer to being finished~ A scanline filter would be really easy to add!

As for the music- I do all of the music myself and I'm not a composer; however I feel like I need to mention that this isn't a Castlevania fangame, and as such the music doesn't try to be Castlevania music. I couldn't capture that essence if I tried because the music in CV is a masterclass in NES composition ;) I do have a number of tracks not used in the demo, and a few are uploaded here if you'd like to check them out~

Its really nice to see your reply. Appreciate it ! Thanks

About the secret path with the Boss, that sounds really cool ! Is it in this build ? Definitely will look for it ! :)

I understand you have other priorities on your wip list right now, but yeah,it would be really nice if you would consider scanelines , screen curves this to the list of things to possible add to the final build. It would make the retro feel perfect. 

About the Music , for a non musician you did a great job. And for sure it is for a matter of taste. The most important thing here is you are happy with it,and its matching the vision you have. 

What I meant was not how it should match a Castlevania game,I can see this is not an Castlevania fan game . I think its inspired by it and for sure many other games you loved and want to see again. 

Want I wanted to say is how important music is to a game, and how it can influence the whole games experience. When you look at games like Thunderforce 3, or the castlevania series,the music is a big factor why you play those games and what feeling they are leaving with you. I personally love those games with a catchy melodic OST ! If you like I could put you in touch with a good friend of mine Gryzor87. Maybe you heard his compositions in Games like Maldita Castilla or Hydorah. He is doing awesome retro music and maybe he could support you or if you have any questions he could consult. He is very familar with the Famicon tracker and NES style music. Check it out if you like. I am sure he has some useful tips maybe.

Anyway, I checked out the link you send me, thank you.

In any way, looking forward to see more from you and your wip.




This game looks great, but if you sell it and don't have legal rights to use characters, names, sprites etc. you might find yourself getting sued, later. You don't want to work so hard on the game only to lose the rights over it, or to pay large sums of money to the copyright owners, just for using a couple of sprites or names without a license. In my opinion it's best to prevent potential problems than to solve them later (with great financial cost). Just a friendly advice if you want to consider it. Good luck with the game! Again, it looks awesome, congrats!


Already covered, already avoided. Non issue.
I see this a lot, and honestly the easiest response is: "I'm not using anything Konami created, including names, likenesses, assets, story, etc". 

Here's what Konami owns from Castlevania 1 2 and 3:
-ORIGINAL Characters (Belmonts, supporting characters sans Alucard, which is from a movie. The design is theirs however.)
-PARTS of their story- the ones they didn't lift from other works (almost everything).

Here's what Konami did not create:
-Literally everything else, as it was lifted from Hammer horror, Universal horror, and mythology. 

Simon Quest's Transylvania Adventure is about the titular hero- "Simon Quest" (an obvious jab at CV2, which to spoil the joke is taking the piss at the fact that Konami stole a majority of their story), going on an adventure to resurrect Dracula to kick his ass (another jab). It's a piss take on NES games as a whole, and takes inspiration from a number of different things.

It does not however use any material owned by Konami, nor does it try to seem like it does. It's just doing exactly what they did in the 80s with Akumajou Dracula.

And that, as Forrest Gump states- is all I've got to say about that.

I recognize that cross you have in the Bela Cemetery! Nice inclusion!

Yeah! That cross was a fun reference to work from~

I'm pretty sure this game was made for me. I'm SO excited for a full release! Great job!!

Hey! Thank you for checking it out~

daaaaaamn, nostalgic art, nice.

Awesome concept and game! Have you thought about the possibility of turning this into a rom that could be played on actual NES hardware? I am sure that would be a larger undertaking, but it would be neat. 


unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to convert the game to an NES rom just because it breaks so many NES rules, buuut I have thought about making a companion piece somewhere down the road that would be an NES rom 🤔

My feedback so far.  I like the look and feel of this game, I am a big fan of the original Castlevania games, but fell off after the Super Nintendo version.  

1. I specifically liked the birds, and felt like I should not be offered the option to remove them.  
2. I love the limited color palette.
3. The game really feels like the old Castlevania games, like this could have been Castlevania II in an alternate timeline.  Well done!

I have a few concerns.

1. It feels almost too similar to the original right in the beginning. 
2. I was maybe expecting something more like Castlevania II (since the name evokes that title) and that has a more perpetual world in which you start off in a town.  
3. Game mechanics seem good so far, I did notice that I can move past the first boss without fighting him.  The big armored guy... (maybe he's not technically a boss?)
4. I plan to play more, but I am a bit concerned about whether saving the game is even possible?  Of all the things about Castlevania, that  is the one I do not miss!


Hello! Thank you for your post~!

To address concerns first:
The build is just a mansion demo- meaning it's just that slice of the experience showcasing only the Mansion portion of the game. The overall experience is an adventure that has you exploring Transylvania- going to towns/areas and finding what you need to enter the mansions. The demo itself only demonstrates a small portion of the whole experience~ Any additional options (dipswitches for birds for example) offered in the demo are just for demonstration purposes. Progressing in the game goes from an exploration adventure where you talk to NPCs and try to figure out what you need to do, and then when you enter a mansion it becomes more of a traditional action game with a lives system- running out of lives simply takes you to the mansion entrance. It's a hybrid of old and new~ The first mansion's design is intentionally familiar; a bit of a nod. By the time you make it to that point in the game proper, the player will have played probably a half hour of content far removed from standard CV. Plenty of checkpoints, places to explore, and things to do~ Structurally I consider the game similar to something like Link's Awakening in terms of how you progress level to level.

Being able to move past the boss is definitely not intended! I'm pretty sure when I added his intro I forgot to implement the boss boundary activation~ I'll have to look into it. Thank you for catching that!

The game has saving in churches, however there's no reason to have saving enabled in the demo since it's just the mansion~

On my Twitter I post regular videos and updates if you'd like to check it out~ Lots of different stuff to see. Here's a link to my sizzler that shows things that aren't in the demo:

In the end the goal is to have an experience that feels both fresh and familiar! In the end it should feel like a little bit of Castlevania, Shatterhand, Power Blade, and a whole lot of NES tropes.

That's great!  I will be following this, and I will share thoughts if any more occur to me.  

2.1 Demo Thoughts:


- Graphics upgrade is very nice! Great use of color pallet!

- weapons options list is good! I guess that is a preview of what weapons the game night have? The Slappy Hand whip conquers all!That was funny!

- Going up stairs is smooth.


- I found it really hard to get my guy to go down stairs. He would eventually do it but finding the sweet spot to get him to latch onto the stair going down was difficult. I was using a Logitech 310 controller if that makes any difference.

That's all I have to give in terms of input. It really does look like you're making a great game overall. Are you guys familiar with The Lecarde Chronicles games by Migami? Those are some other great CastleVania fan games I recommend checking out.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it~ I'll have to check those other games out sometime! I'm trying to develop a bit in a bubble to try to not leech ideas from other indie games coming out soon, but I'm definitely interested in the classicvania revival going on right now~

I actually *just* fixed the stairs issue I think you're referring to! Basically the way stairs are set up is that they're a 24x16 collision box, so if you're on the upper right of a staircase that goes / and you're 1 pixel too far to the right (literally the upper right corner of the step) Simon wouldn't latch on, but would as far as 24 pixels to the left. Same with if you're on the top left of a staircase that goes \. I did some tinkering and managed to get that range extended so Simon tracks under those conditions much better~ When I rewrote the stairs from the first proof of concept demo, it was an absolute nightmare, so it was a tad more difficult to change something like that (it affects jumping onto stairs), but so far I have 0 bugs after applying a fix~

Ok, keep up the great work! I know Migami had some struggle with it in Lecarde Chronicles 1. They opted to use the rope mechanic in the sequel. So it's sounds like you're not alone in that! I don't know if reaching out to Ed Findlay's aka Retrogamer3 could be of any assistance. I think he built his own game engine from the ground up. He did a Vania game of his own. He seems to have the stairs mechanic sorted out. Maybe he'd be happy to help. He's also got his own remake of CV 2 in the works. He's posted a couple videos on YouTube about it. If there's any chance of people being able to help people, I'm all for it. Both you guys are magicians! Thanks so much again for what you're doing.

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If you're looking of a music composer who is a fan of and has their finger firmly on the pulse of the music of the Castlevania series, I recommend Jeffrey Montoya. He did the music for the Migami CastleVania series. He's done remakes of the Konami soundtrack as well as original pieces for the Lecarde Chronicles. I saw in your comments that you don't consider yourself a professional composer, so I'm trying to help with that. I do think the music you've already done is interesting in it's own way. Maybe Jeffrey can work with you. Ok, fan boy out lol. Whatever works best. Thanks again.

You're doing a really great job. The balance of the game  - like the crossing between CV1 and CV2 - is probably what it should have been back when they made CV2. But hey, without the flawed original, who would have been inspired  to create a game like this one. Wishes of much success with this project. God bless.

Thank you for the kind words! 

If you want to check out more recent developments, I have tons of updates since this proof of concept demo shown on my Twitter~

Wow, cool game!
I  think Simont Quest is a very underrated game, Is my favority castlevania from NES.
I like really view people like too, is really cool which you have added also Richter Movements.

It's really fun to see "Simon" doing the Slide, or Back Somersault, great addition!

Some points I'd like comment to you

1. Have you thinked add translations support? I would like translate the game in Spanish, however is not possible make this properly yet, please add spanish characters in the font, or use one with these :P

áeíóúÁÉÍÓÚñÑ¿¡ , etc

2. Check these hacks, have some nice improvements
2.1 In game map
2.2 Control their x-velocity in mid-air while jumping

3. Please a option to modify the game controls.

Hey there! I actually just added translation support over the past few weeks with Spanish and German in mind~

There’s also a fully featured options menu for a myriad of things including controller/keyboard input~

I have pretty regular updates on progress on my twitter account if you would like to follow progress :) I’m not sure when the next playable demo will be,  but the game has come a very long way since this proof of concept demo

Thanks for your reply.

I'm not active in twitter, but ok I'm following you just in case heh

I would like more something as a Telgram group to check the news :P but ok

Does the game or will the game support fullscreen, 2x, 3x ?

That's been implemented as of last month, however I am waiting to upload a new demo until after I have some more story based content to show

Good man.
Also, is the slide move really suppose to go that far?  It seems ridiculous to slide half way across the screen so fast when the character walks so slow.  I'd say tone it down a lot and maybe give a powerup that lets you go farther.

Yes- while the slide is on by default in the demo, it's not part of the normal game. It's intended for a game mode that gives you the "Ninja-Esque Bandanna", which gives you sliding, backflips, etc. There are various gameplay modifiers that change how Simon attacks, moves, jumps, etc and provide a more tongue and cheek experience.

I find your work simply magnificent <3

Thank you~!

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Stuck at the spirit woods...

I'm pretty sure it's either not working at all, is at least a 6 arrow combo, or is a 5 arrow combo that doesn't end in right. Don't ask me how I know, lol.

Go left from Spirit Woods and you'll exit it. It's a looping room with no current combination to exit (there's nothing past it yet)

Options cannot be chosen via keyboard, it always starts new game and offer saveslot.

From known issues:

Options menu, and Map menu does nothing at the moment.

It's not featured at the moment. Just a placeholder for when it's available. (Part of the issues list on the game page)

Bug: the text in the textboxes remain so that when you talk to a new person, the new text overlays on the old text.  Have to close the game entirely to get an old conversation to go away.  

Love the game so far.  Youve done some great work!

That’s actually a result of the surface issue- not entirely sure why it happens for some people and not others sadly. I had implemented a fix when I originally discovered it, but I’ll keep looking! Thank you

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Bug: In the screen just right of town, at night, I fought a skeleton, a bone got thrown at me. I lost the last of my HP during that hit. I clipped somehow through the ground (diagonally hit a corner?), fell through the terrain, then fell forever. The screen then kept scrolling right to the far edge, and stopped at the scroll-to-next-area boundary.

Got a soft lock, and could not activate the UI at all to try to reset myself, had to escape out of the game.

Ah I think I know what's causing that. Will get it fixed. Thanks!

Hey ,Can i Ask you how did you download Trynsilvania ?????

I have only Mansion demo ????

maybe that was on an old version of the demo? it was a long while back that I made my post.

I think I read on Twitter that the dev is sick right now, but I suspect he'll reply after he gets better.

The proof of concept demo was removed a couple of months ago because it’s completely outdated (and people were confusing it for the current state of development)- The Mansion Demo is the one here and then on my patreon I have the whole Bram area (and an updated mansion). Eventually that demo will make its way on here as well

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Can I have The Outdated version ??????


And When The Full-Version Will Be Ready???????

The specific control I was suppose to press to activate the statue wasn't obvious to me, nor was the hitbox. It wouldn't be NES-authentic, but it might be useful to have a "press <xyz>" prompt on some of these things.