Howdy Pardner!

Are you ready for 16 levels of OLD WEST LAWN MOWIN' ACTION!? Are you a bad enough buddeh to fight 4 types of lawmen AND snakes while takin' care of a LAWN?! Well, OutlawN is for you!

Made for RetrogradeJam 2, this action lawn mower is a rootin' tootin' experience built to bring you back to the early 80s arcade! 


  • Up, Right, Left, Down - Move
  • A - Confirm & Use Tool
  • S - Drop Tool

How to Play:

  • Grab lawn maintenance tools to take clear the lawn of obstacles!
    • Use the Lawnmower to take care of grass!
    • Use the Pickaxe to take care of rocks!
    • Use the Shovel to fill holes!
    • Use the GUN to slow down time and take care of the LAW
    • Make sure you drop your current tool with S before picking up a new one!
    • Don't mow fruit! 
  • Avoid getting shot by the LAW and don't get bitten by SNAKES!

OutlawN has an auto-save feature and a level select option, so you can come back and continue at any time!

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
TagsArcade, lawn, Wild West


OutlawN (PC Executable) 4 MB


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Just discovered this, love the genre blending. Had a goofy smile when I realised the enemies could shoot each other :)

How did you handle player movement? It feels like something between free moving and grid-based, kinda similar to the NES ver of Pac-Man CE

Thanks! I set movement up pretty much identically to Zelda 1’s, where the player is actually on an 8x8 grid that eases the player back onto the grid if they’re between snapping points! It’s kind of like having a grid of pegs you have to move between

I love this, the graphics, the gameplay, the fact you can make it look like an old arcade, a GB game, etc, its perfect.