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Thank you for viewing the Elven Adventure NES Style Graphics Pack! This pack contains everything you need to get started on making an NES style top down adventure game! Tiles are 8x8, and sprites vary in size. Assets are intended to start you off with a style and get expanded as you advance your project. 

  • $2 Non-Commercial License (use freely in your personal projects and jam games! Any non-monetized release you do. That's a cheap way to start a game!)
  • $40 Commercial License (For use in any of your commercial projects!)

    Please check the readme for additional licensing information.

If you'd like to see a small crude engine demo showing the bulk of the tiles, click here!

This pack has the following graphics:

  • Hero Set
    • Hero Walk (4 directions)
    • Hero Push (4 directions)
    • Hero Attack (4 directions)
    • Hero Pull (4 directions)
    • Hero Portrait
    • Weapon Sets
      • Sword Swinging (4 directions)
      • Bow (4 directions)
      • Arrows (4 directions)
        • Hit animation (4 directions)
  • Outdoor Tileset
    • Tree Pattern
    • Standalone Tree
    • Tree with Opening
    • Stump
    • Rock
    • Under-Rock
    • Bush
    • Under-Bush
    • Cliff Set
      • Cliff Opening
      • Bombable Cliff Wall
      • Cliff Border Set
      • Stairs
    • Hole
    • Dig Spot
    • Outdoor House Set
      • House Doors
      • Well/Chimney
      • Fence
      • Posts
      • Roofs
    • Grass Set
      • Tall Grass
      • Flowers
      • Weeds
      • Variants
    • Sand Set
      • Small Rocks
      • Variants
    • Deep Water Animation
    • Shallow Water Animation
    • Shallow Water Animation
    • Rock Ground Set
  • UI
    • Small Number Font
    • 8x8 Number Font
    • Bow Icon
    • Sword Icon
    • Shield Icon
    • Apples (Health)
    • Mana Bars
    • Textbox Windows
  • Enemies
    • Slime (2 colors)
      • Jump Animation
      • Jiggle Animation
      • Sink Animation
    • Enemy Death Explosion
  • Misc
    • Gems (money)

Sprites are fairly modular, and various frames can be interchanged to make entirely different character states.

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Tags2D, assets, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), zelda


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this graphics pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Does the bundle / sale include commercial license?  I don't want to second guess whether I can sell a game due to asset licenses after the fact.


That's actually a good point- yes, the intention is that it also includes the commercial license. I'll make a note on the bundle!


Sold!  Wishing the best on your move!

Any chance for interiors?

Perhaps down the road- I do update these from time to time, though they’re mostly meant to serve as a template to expand on. I wouldn’t mind doing some cave and house interiors though 🤔🤔


I'm very interested in  this asset pack. Would it be possible to upload a few screenshots that give a better idea of the style / content. Thanks

Hey there! 
I've uploaded a shot that shows some of the assets in use that gives a good idea of what's in the pack~