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For those interested, this is the MOST COMPLETE, though still unfinished version of Derelict that was made for (and after) ConBravo that was ultimately abandoned when there were issues with the source in an update  for GMS. There are more levels, better controls, better bosses, color graphics, and it's an all around better experience.

Here's what the game DOESN'T have:
- Full music. Only one area (grinder) has music.
- Sounds.
- Proper ending- it ends on a WIP chase scene.
- The ability to play without fullscreen.
- Extensive QA. There are some glitches.

Here's what the game DOES have over the original GBJam5 version:
- TONS of weapons. Almost every enemy drops a unique weapon.
- Better control. You no longer get ping-ponged when taking damage in 0 gravity.
- Refined levels. More animation, effects,  challenges, etc. 
- More enemies, bosses, and smoother animation from them.
- Xbox 360 Controller Support.

I have to reiterate however that this game is incomplete, but it is the most complete version of Derelict as of now. I'm releasing this now because it is a nice legacy piece showcasing changes from the original Derelict and shows things I had planned.

A - Jump/Hover
S - Shoot
Up/Down (while hovering) - Quick Boost
Enter - Open Weapon Wheel

If you enjoy this for what it is, please consider the purchase option! Even if you don't, thank you so much for downloading and checking out this evolution of a game I made for GBJam years ago!

Also as a bonus- if you want to see an Easter Egg- In the water level, DO NOT KILL THE CRABBIN ENEMIES. Leave them all alive. There's a special weapon from  Morphcat Games NES title- Super Bat Puncher for you to play around with!


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